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Everyday Rewards by Bupa provides customers with great offers which have been specially sourced to help make your life that little bit happier and healthier.

You can register if you’re either a current health insurance member or you work for a company offering a Bupa UK insurance product or Trust scheme to their workforce. Only one registration per customer is possible.

If you're having any difficulties with the Everyday Rewards site, simply visit our 'How can we help' page to get help from a member of our team.

You can register for Everyday Rewards by clicking ‘Register’ at the top of the home page and completing the form. Once you've submitted your registration and activated your account, you'll be able to access the offers available by clicking 'Login'.

Your policy number is the unique identifier we gave to you when you first took out your policy. This number can usually be found on your registration certificate. If you can't find it, please call your usual customer service helpline.

Your pin will be provided by your employer but if you’re having trouble, simply visit our ‘How can we help’ page to get help from a member of our team.

If your policy number and/or date of birth aren't being recognised, simply visit our 'How can we help' page to get help from a member of our team.

We recognise that when you give us your personal information (which may include health information) you're trusting us to take good care of it. Please see for more information about how we collect, use and protect your data.

We'll send you an email to activate your account. Click the link in this email.

If you've submitted your registration but haven't received your activation email within three working days, simply visit our 'How can we help' page to get help from a member of our team.

New offers will be added to the site throughout the year so please make sure you come back and visit the site regularly to see what’s new.

You can find details of each offer and any expiry dates in the terms and conditions. Some offers do not specify an end date. Where these are coming to an end, we'll endeavour to give prior notice.

You can change some of your account details by visiting the ‘My Account’ page. Here you’ll be able to update your name and reset your password. If you need to update your email address you’ll need to contact a member of our team. You can do this by visiting the ‘How can we help’ page and filling out the form to get in touch. Please note, we will not apply this update to your Bupa healthcare policy if you have one. To update this you should call your usual customer service helpline.

To redeem an offer you’ll need to visit the offer details page and follow the instructions. Depending on your offer, you’ll be presented with a unique code, link or a voucher download. You’ll then need to follow the specific instruction to redeem your offer.

Each offer has its own offer details page which contains additional information about; the partner, the offer, the offer terms and conditions, and how to redeem. You can see the offer detail pages by clicking on any of the individual tiles on the home page.

You can review your claim history by visiting the 'My Account' page.

To enquire about becoming a member, please visit

Still having trouble? Contact us for help